Monday, March 3, 2014

beginning march in richmond

After coming home from Orlando this week, I was excited to spend a few quiet days at home. But when I woke up on Saturday and checked my calendar, I saw that we had an engagement party to go to in Richmond that night. I had picked out a dress a few weeks ago and all of a sudden I found myself on the road.

David was in a fraternity in college and graduated college with a handful of very close friends. Within the past few months all of them have gotten married and he has been lucky to have been in almost every wedding. Neither of us had been to an engagement party before and we were so glad to find it full of friends, wine and great stories. I am so happy that I am starting to get to the age where I can go to these weddings. There is nothing more

The next morning we woke up and decided to get brunch just down the road at Legend brewery. The first time David brought me to Richmond not long after we started dating we took a trip to Legend and we make a point to visit every time we are in the area now. It not only has good beer but delicious food. The trip home contained a trip to the outlets before laying on the couch and watching a few good movies. And now, because of the snow, we get a day off. It's always so odd being at home on a Monday but I think sitting inside and getting those errands that never get crossed off of the to-do list is a perfect way to start the week--and unwind after a quick weekend trip.

How was your weekend? What are you doing during the snow (or just on your plain-old Monday?)


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